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Nicola Peros

I commenced my dance journey relatively late, as they say, at the age of 10, right here in Barry’s Memorial Hall. My initial steps into this world were guided by Miss Fay Vaughan Williams. During that period, scholarships were being offered by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), and I was fortunate to be among several individuals selected for this opportunity. At the age of 16, I was honoured to receive a full scholarship to The Hammond in Chester.

As my career progressed, I found myself drawn towards the path of teaching, spanning from the Middle East and back to my homeland. I hold memberships with esteemed organisations such as the Royal Academy of Dance, Rambert Grades, and I am also a licensed Silver Swans instructor. Additionally, I have ventured into teaching Progressing Ballet Techniques and have attended Royal Ballet Inspired seminars, enriching my expertise.

My passion lies in nurturing and developing talent, not only for aspiring professionals but also for those who dance for recreational enjoyment. I firmly believe that dance is an art form accessible to everyone, and my mission is to spread this inclusive message.

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Our overarching aspiration is to significantly broaden the horizons of the forthcoming generation of young and aspiring dancers. We are deeply committed to establishing a unique pathway firmly rooted in Wales, one that offers unrivaled opportunities for youth training and support. Our ultimate goal is to nurture the individual development of each budding dancer while igniting a lifelong and unwavering passion for the exquisite art of dance.

Within the framework of our vision, we strive to cultivate a vast reservoir of youthful talent. This talent will be meticulously honed, with a relentless focus on building a robust technical foundation. Our aim is to empower these young dancers, enabling them to confidently take their initial steps into the world of professional performance under our expert guidance and mentorship.

We extend an open invitation to all who share our enthusiasm for dance. Whether you aspire to train side by side with us, step onto the stage and perform alongside our talented cohort, or simply choose to provide your invaluable support from behind the scenes, the decision is entirely yours. By uniting our efforts, we can collectively shape a vibrant and thriving future for the realm of dance, ensuring its continued growth and evolution.

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