Train With Us

Our training programme currently follows the internationally-renowned RAD syllabus, with our teachers already fully qualified or working towards RAD qualified teacher status.

We offer training for all ages and abilities: our youngest dancers are coming up to their 3rd birthdays … and our oldest don’t like to divulge their age! We pride ourselves in mixing ages in our classes: your dancer will attend the right level for their aptitude and experience – adult dancers wishing to further their dance qualifications are certainly not restricted to the Adult ballet classes. Our classes are deliberately kept small and your dancer will progress at their own pace. Our destined-to-be-professional students are supported and nurtured as much as our dancing-just-for-fun students, because who knows when the one type of dancer may change into the other?

As well as offering RAD qualifications from Primary to Grade 8 and Vocational Qualifications, we nurture those who want to explore ballet technique at a higher level by offering the Ballet Academy Cymru Associates Programme – Young Dancers. This programme widens our dancers’ horizons and prepares them for professional training if this is an avenue they wish to pursue.

Classes & Training Offered include: